2020 Spring Baseball League Registration is Now Open


Ages: For ages 4 through 17 and softball for girls 8-15. Players must be no older than the highest age of their division on April 30, 2020. Freshmen who are no older than 18 on June 30, 2020, can also register to play. A list of divisions is posted on the Baseball page of our website.

Registration: On-time registration will close on January 15, 2020. Teams fill up quickly, so don’t delay. Late registrants are charged a fee, assuming the division is still open.

Fees: The fee for the divisions varies. Please see our Active Programs & Events webpage for more information. The older baseball divisions are a little more because there will be two umpires for their games. 

Season: The season begins on Saturday, April 4. The end dates have not been set but usually, the younger teams end the second weekend in June and the 8s, Freshmen and Colts teams one or two weeks later. 

Schedule and Uniforms: Schedules will not be available until about a week before the season begins. Uniforms are picked up and distributed by the coaches.

Choosing teams/Coaches: When you register, you will be taken to the appropriate age group and you will be able to select a coach/team on which to play. If you don’t have one in mind, select “No Preference.”

A list of coaches for the recreational teams is presented to you when you register. In some cases, a coach will not be returning or hasn’t confirmed that he or she will continue. In that case, the listing will read “2019 [coaches name] Team.” It is listed that way so that players from that team last year can register and thus be grouped, allowing us to try to keep them together. If the coach ends up not coaching the team we assume that assistant coaches from the prior year and other parents will step up to carry the team forward. Otherwise, we will have to divide the team into smaller groups and place the players on other teams, assuming there are enough teams and coaches.

If your child wants to play with friends, contact those parents before you register to coordinate which team you will all select when registering – moving kids around afterward is difficult and sometimes impossible because teams fill up quickly. For various reasons – such as a limit on the number of players we can place on each team – we cannot guarantee that your child will end up on the team you choose, but we try our best.

Playing up or down: Playing up or down in age is generally not permitted. The specific policies are set forth in detail in the Rules & Policies section of our website and, for those 9 and older, are set by the Prospect Park Baseball Association. Bottom line is that you have to register for the appropriate age then send an email to Baseball@78youthsports.org making a request otherwise, listing specific reasons.

Coaching: Please volunteer to coach or be an assistant coach to ensure that all boys and girls will have a team on which to play. While we have almost always been able to place on-time registrants on teams, having to rely on parents to volunteer as coaches mean that we can neither guarantee placement on a team nor that your request for a specific team can be honored. Teams fill up quickly. We will try out best. Email your interest to Baseball@78YouthSports.org.

We look forward to seeing you on the fields.

Adam Fisher

Executive Director

78 Youth Sports