• Marc Lussier Sr.

    Marc Lussier Sr.

    Marc Lussier founded the Bulldogs in 1996. He worked as a coach in the Bulldogs program for close to a decade and remains active in the organization. His #1 has been retired and the Bulldog “Coach of the Year” award is named in his honor.

  • Billy Zitelli

    Billy Zitelli

    Billy Zitelli was a member of the first Bulldogs team in 1996 and became well known in local baseball circles for his powerful arm and bat. He had a bright future ahead of him on the Diamond. Billy passed away in 2000 of leukemia. The Bulldogs give out a Billy Zitelli award each year to the player that is considered the “heart and soul” of his team. His #24 is retired in his honor.

  • Johnny Fernando

    Johnny Fernando

    In 2011, our community lost a very special player, a very special person, Johnny Fernando. Johnny spent all his formative years as a baseball player in the Bulldogs’ organization and then went on to a very successful career as a starting middle infielder on nationally recognized baseball teams and on the varsity team at Beacon High School.

    His 2010 Perfect Game rating listed him as a “National Follow” and a College Division 1 and low round major league prospect. Over the years, he dedicated many hours to sharing his skills and baseball knowledge with many Bulldogs and helped our programs by umpiring, coaching, assisting evaluations and instructional clinics, and teaching at Camp Bulldog. In his honor, we named the Bulldog’s Golden Glove award the John Fernando Golden Glove.