78 Youth Sports offers outstanding skill teaching and skill-building clinics. Our skill teaching clinics help youngest players learn how to play the game. And, our skill-building clinics help sharpen skills and maximize potential.

  • 78 Flag Football Fundamentals (skill development ages  7-8).
  • 78 Basketball Fundamentals (skill development ages 5-14).
  • 78 Baseball Fundamentals (skill development ages 4-8).
  • We will have pop-up clinics throughout the year. Announcements will be sent out to those that are in our registration system.  Please register here if you would like to be included in these emails.


Pass, catch, run, and learn!

  • Taught by our instructors, this is a high-energy, super interactive 50-minute session.
  • Skills taught fall into these three categories.
    • Game skills: passing, receiving, flag-pulling and running patterns.
    • Physical skills: coordination, balance, agility, endurance, flexibility, quickness, and muscle stamina.
    • Mental skills: strategy, teamwork, and concentration.
  • The ‘season’ culminates in modified, age-appropriate game play.


Get The Gear! Bring The Right Stuff!

  • 78 gives each participant a Flag Football Fundamentals t-shirt and hat.
  • 78 provides the flags and balls at each session.
  • Each child must wear pocketless pants/shorts and a mouth guard.



  • 7-8 Saturdays mid-September – mid-November.



Dribble, shoot, and learn!

Through research and our own experience, we know that developing young players before they play in a league helps breed success now and later. This is why we offer fundamental training for our littlest players!


Young Players Learn.

  • Game basics (the how to play the game).
  • Skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, defense).
  • Mental strategies (values needed to play as a team).
  • Modified, age-appropriate gameplay.


We offer lots of opportunities:

  • Three sessions: Sept-Nov, Dec – Feb, March – May.
  • Programs on weekends.
  • Age-appropriate length 50-80 minutes long.



Hit, throw, catch and have FUN!

Our pre-season baseball clinics help teach the game and prepare our youngest players for the spring season.

Young Players Learn.

  • Basic baseball mechanics (hitting, throwing, catching and base running).
  • Athletic skills (coordination, balance, hand/eye coordination, endurance).

The Details.

  • Saturdays and Sundays for 50 minutes in local public school gyms.
  • Lots of options! Choose what works for you when you register.



Little Players Often Need More Parental Support At Our Clinics

As you know, young children sometimes need extra support! 78 Youth Sports asks that parents help us ensure our clinics run smoothly.

Here are our Pretty Please Asks…

  • Parent Attendance
    • Please have someone attend and be responsible for your young person at every session. If you have to leave, please give the coach your cell phone number.
  • Parent Assistance
    • While our professional coaches run these clinics, we love parents who jump in and help!
    • And…for our season play, please consider volunteer coaching. 78 Youth Sports is a non-profit and relies on involved parents to help run our great community sports programs!
  • Behavioral Expectations and Rules.
    • We ask that you review 78 Code Of Conduct and prepare your child to listen, follow directions and participate. (Yes, much like school!)
    • If your child repeatedly disregards the rules, 78 will follow three steps.
      • First, we always work to help the child improve or change the unwanted behavior. If disregard continues, we will:
      • Second, the coach will give a “time out” to the child where he/she must sit with his/her adult.
      • Finally, in extreme cases, we will remove the child from the sessions altogether with no refund.
  • Disclose Any Health Or Behavioral Issues
    • Do this on our registration system in the ‘comments’ box and/or let the instructor know.

Questions? Please use our Contact Form.