Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what programs are available and when to register for them?

    Easy! Just click on our 2019 Program Overview calendar.

    This chart shows active programs, on-time registration and late registration periods.

  • How do I register my player(s)?

    Click for our registration system.  All active programs are listed.

    You’ll need to make an account.
    Pay with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.
    A receipt will be sent to your email.

  • How do I know my registration went through?

    Option 4 in our registration system gives you access to the entire history of every program for which you have registered for your account.

  • I’m having problems registering. What do I do?

    You can email via our contact form.

  • How do I register to be a coach?

    See our page on how to become a Volunteer Coach.

  • How do I register to become a corporate sponsor?

    You can support 78 Youth Sports by becoming a Corporate Sponsor.  Click here to learn more.

  • Is placement in a program guaranteed even if I registered on time?

    We try our best to place every child in a program (a team, a clinic, camp, etc.) and have a great track record of placing all on-time registrants.  We are a non-profit that relies on volunteer coaches for our recreational sports and professionals to run our clinics.   If your child is not placed in a program due to lack of coaches, we will contact you first to see if you would like to be a volunteer coach or determine if we can add another session/instructor to our clinics or camps.

  • What if a program is full?

    We love that our programs are in high demand and fill up fast!

    If a program is full, you will have the option through our registration system to go on a wait list.

    The best way to avoid the wait list is to register when the program opens.  If you are registered with us, we’ll keep you up-to-date via email blasts.

    Once on-time registration closes, we determine if there are any open slots on potential teams/clinics (as sometimes registrants change their mind and drop out) and if there enough players on the wait list to start a new team or clinic or camp session.  We then contact those on the wait list to tell them know that their player was moved off the wait list and that payment through their account must be made by a specific deadline.

  • Is there a charge for late registration?

    Yes, a $35 non-refundable late fee will be automatically added to your registration charges.  Please note, late registrants are not guaranteed placement on a team.

    If the program is full, late registrants may have to be placed on a wait list.  For recreational teams, if they cannot be placed on a team by the third week of the season, you will receive a refund, less the late fees.  (The Refund policy is described below)

    See our 2019 Program Overview calendar to understand registration periods and avoid late fees.

  • Can I request a particular teammate or coach?

    Yes, but it is limited for certain programs and we can never guarantee it. Not being placed on a team with a requested friend or coach, does not entitle you to a refund.

    Here’s some information to provide context:

    • Rec Baseball, you can register for a particular coach or request a teammate (if there is still room on that team) — we try our best to keep team together over the years.
    • Flag Football and Basketball, our primary goal is to balance the teams. Thus, teammate and coach requests can be given but a strict draft by the coaches is held and takes priority.  Head coach and assistant coach children will be allocated to the requested team but drafted in their appropriate skill level round.  As a result, all players must attend the evaluations (even those on the waitlist).
    • For Flag Football and Basketball Clinics (5-8 year olds), you can register with friend requests.
    • All sports, you can volunteer to be a coach
      • Coaches automatically get their own children on the team (unless they don’t want them!).
      • Children of assistant coaches are a part of the general draft.
      • Coaches can work out trades subject to the approval of the Commissioner of the sport.
  • I could use financial assistance for the fee, can I get help?

    Financial Assistance to pay the registration fee is available. All you have to do is submit an online Financial Aid Application with required Proof of Income.  Aid is based on a formula relating to income and the total amount available from the treasury for this purpose.  Nonetheless, we have never turned away a child from our recreational programs because the fee cannot be afforded.

    Requests for Financial Aid must be received by the specified deadline, and if not specified, prior to the earlier of the end of on-time registration or when the time the program is full (which may be prior to the originally stated date when on-time registration ends).

  • How do I cancel registration?

    We honor cancellations before the season starts.  Send us an email requesting a cancelation along with the specific reason via the contact form on the contact form page.

    We don’t give refunds for a program after the first game/session.

    Please inform us that you want to cancel a registration as soon as you know as there could be players on a wait list wanting to know if they could play.

  • What is the refund policy?

    The general policy (not travel teams) is:

    If an email from you is received by us:

    1. Seven days or more before the scheduled start of the relevant program: 100% (less an admin fee, late fee and the price of any item ordered, if applicable)
    2. Within six days of the scheduled start of the relevant program: 50% (less an admin fee, late fee and the price of any item ordered, if applicable)
    3. On or after the scheduled start date of the relevant program or once a player is drafted onto a team in Rec Basketball or Flag Football: No Refund.

    It is in our sole discretion to give a partial or full refund to players who do not follow our rules and policies or quit after having registered.   It should be understood that our fees are set based on a projected number of players.  If a player is removed or quits, it is in our sole discretion to give a partial or full refund and can withhold any such refund if and until a substitute player is obtained.

    It is also in our discretion to deny a refund if we believe the request is the result of “organization shopping,” or if a player is removed from a team or program due to a violation of our rules and codes of conduct. Registrants are not entitled to a refund because their request to be placed on a team, a division, or a camp or clinic group could not be honored

    TRAVEL TEAMS: Once a player accepts an offer to play on a travel team, no refund shall be granted as the fees and expense commitments are based on the final number of players on the roster.  If a player drops off a travel team and has not fully paid the fee and the organization has advanced expenses payments on behalf of that players (such as uniform costs), the parent must make whole the organization.

    Late fees are not refundable, along with waitlist fees and the price of any item ordered (such as a batting helmet).  The registrant is still entitled to receive the item ordered at the registrant’s request.

    Refunds are processed approximately 30 days after the start date of the program for which the refund is requested.

  • Is there a refund if practice(s)/game(s) are cancelled due to circumstances outside 78 Youth Sports' control?

    Since activities of 78 Youth Sports are held in public school gyms and public parks, they may be canceled or postponed, due to school events, renovations, weather, construction or other circumstances beyond our control.

    We will not provide refunds for these type of situations.  We do try to anticipate and troubleshoot issues before they occur.  Unfortunately, we do not control the weather (wish we could!).

  • What is the refund policy for tickets purchased to outside events?

    If an activity relates to the sale of tickets to an outside event, such as a major league baseball game or photographs taken during our photo days, such purchases are subject to the restrictions (such as refunds, returns, transferability or rescheduling) made by such other organization and that 78 Youth Sports is not responsible to resolve such issues.

  • Can 78 Youth Sports use photos and videos for marketing purposes?

    In our terms and conditions during the registration process, parents/guardians give us permission to use players’ photos, videos, and names in our marketing materials (social media, website, flyers and any other materials).

    If you change your mind, please inform us directly via our contact form.

  • What is the difference between a recreational (‘rec’) team and travel team?

    78 Youth Sports only offers travel baseball at this time: the Brooklyn Bulldogs.  There are many differences but here are some major ones to give you the general idea.

    Rec Baseball Teams are:

    • Coached by volunteers (mostly parents)
    • Practices are optional at the discretion of the coach
    • Much, much lower fees

    Brooklyn Bulldog Travel Teams are:

    • Coached mostly by professional, paid coaches
    • Tournament play in and outside NYC; mandatory weekday practices (weekend practice during the winter)
    • Higher fees
  • Does 78 Youth Sports form balanced teams?

    Yes, we do!  Our goal is that the kids have fun!  They win some and lose some.

    For Flag Football and Basketball, we hold mandatory evaluations to access players’ skill levels.  Then, our coaches participate in a draft to ensure equal and fair distribution of players.

    For Recreational Baseball, we allow all players to request teams.  Unlike basketball and flag football, for teams of 9+ years old, since there are so many teams we are able to balance teams by allocating them to sub-divisions of their age group that have teams of similar skill.  We can therefore allow the players to play and stay with their friends and coaches over the years (as long as there is enough room on the rosters).

  • Can my child play in an older or younger age group?

    In all cases, register your child for his/her appropriate age.

    Then, send us an email via our contact form explaining why you are asking for the age division change.  We will inform you either way of our decision.

    Generally, we do not allow players to play with younger players.  For the rec baseball teams, permission to play down must be granted by the league in which all our 9+ year old teams (including softball) play from the Prospect Park Baseball Association.

  • What is the Rec Baseball Opening Day Parade?

    The Rec Baseball Opening Day Parade is a super-fun community event!  It is usually the first or second Saturday of April.  Exact times and locations will be posted and sent in an email blast to all registrants.

    The Parade starts on 7th Avenue around 1st and 2nd Streets, walks up 7th Avenue and ends at the Prospect Park Band Shell for Opening Day Ceremonies.

    Teams are assigned specific locations to assemble on a side street to 7th Avenue prior to marching.  Click here for that information.  Please have your player wear his/her full uniform!

  • How do Picture Days work?

    78 Youth Sports works with an independent photographer to take both team and individual pictures.

    Please have your player attend because:

    • Your child is extra adorable in the 78 Youth Sports uniform!
    • A portion of the profits goes to helping 78 Youth Sports run its programs.
    • We give our generous sponsors a ‘thank you’ plaque with a team pic.
    • We will send out an email with the date, location and package details.
  • How do I give suggestions?

    We love feedback!  Help us improve our programs by letting us know how we’re doing (good or bad!). Start by using our contact form please.

  • How do I get on your email list so I know what programs happening?

    Best way is to register your child in our registration system.  That way we can send you email blasts.

    Or you can fill out the contact form with a request to be put on our email list.  We’re happy to add you manually!

  • How do I get a live person?

    We are lean non-profit and do not have the staff to answer phones 24/7.We prefer you use our contact form and leave us a number to reach you.

    For medical emergencies, call 911.

  • What if a child is injured on the field or in a gym?

    If an emergency, call 911 immediately.

    If not an emergency, locate the child’s parent(s) and let them take over.

    All coaches receive a basic first aid kit. Each baseball rec and baseball travel head coach is given a defibrillator and must be take a brief certification course.

  • What happens if my child is injured?

    We carry medical insurance to supplement your policy. If your policy does not cover the costs, contact us and we will get you the necessary information. Email us using the contact form.

  • How can I find out if a game or clinic is cancelled?

    Rain, snow, ice! Weather sometimes causes cancellations.
    Our process is:

    • We will send out a mass text or email to indicate cancellations and schedule updates.
    • We reach out to our coaches and ask them to send a second layer of communications.
    • If public schools are closed due to weather, our indoor games, clinics or practices will be canceled.
    • Brooklyn Bulldogs Travel Baseball is tournament/league dependent, the coaches and team admin will communicate cancellations.
  • Does 78 Youth Sports schedule make-up games?

    Unfortunately, we generally do not schedule make-up games. This is because gym and field space/permits are scheduled in advance. There is, however, a procedure set up by the Prospect Park Baseball Association for the baseball rec teams 9 and older and softball for the coaches to attempt schedule makeup games. That process will be facilitated through your team’s coach.

  • How do I become a corporate sponsor?

    78 Youth Sports is a non-profit with a mission of helping build our Brooklyn community. We appreciate and need corporate sponsors.

    Click here to find out more.

  • Does 78 Youth Sports need volunteers (besides coaches)?

    Yes, always!

    When you register, you will be asked if you can help out in other ways.

    We always need parents to be:

    • Timekeepers
    • Scorekeepers
    • Team Admins
  • What locations are used for your programs?

    Click here for a list of and directions to all the gyms and fields where our programs may be held.

  • How do I report inappropriate behavior?

    If you believe that anyone involved in one of our programs has behaved inappropriately. Please contact at with sufficient information for us to properly look into the issue.

  • Must my child attend basketball or flag football evaluations?

    Evaluations are mandatory so that we can attempt to balance teams. If your child cannot attend any of the evaluations, he or she will be placed on a team but could be moved to another team during the season. Refunds will not be issued should a player who was not evaluated be moved during the season.