Financial Aid

Financial Assistance to pay our registration fees are available. We never turn away a child because the fee cannot be afforded. All you have to do is submit an online Financial Aid Application with required Proof of Income. Requests for Financial Aid must be received prior to the end of on-time registration or when the time the program is full (which may be prior to the originally stated date when on-time registration ends).


78 Youth Sports will consider need-based financial aid awards. Please review this form carefully and note the following:

  • Receipt of a previous financial aid award does not guarantee aid in the current season;
  • Completion of application does not guarantee assistance. Scholarships will be awarded based on eligibility, application timeliness, and available funding;
  • Any information found to be fraudulent will result in loss or denial of award;
  • All information within this application is strictly confidential;
  • Applicants agree to refrain from discussing awards with others;
  • Requests for Financial Aid must be received prior to the earlier of the end of on-time registration as listed on the Active Programs & Events webpage or when the time the program is full (which may be prior to the originally stated date when on-time registration ends), and
  • A Request for Financial Aid is not considered complete until Proof of Income documentation is received by us.

Please submit this completed online financial aid application with supporting Proof of Income documentation. You can also send the Proof of Income documentation by one of the following methods: Email to or, Fax to 866-235-0666.

You must submit another online form if you have more than one child for whom you are requesting financial aid.

To complete the financial aid application, click here.

Proof of Income

Applications that do not have at least one proof of income per adult that financially supports the child and applications that do not include the accepted forms of income as deemed acceptable by 78 Youth Sports will not be reviewed.

Please read carefully. 
ONE of the following proofs of income required:

  • Front page of most recent Federal 1040 tax return (preferred form of income verification)
  • Two most recent pay check stubs, or
  • Social Security income benefit statement, or
  • Unemployment benefit statement, or
  • Disability income benefit statement, or
  • Public assistance income benefit statement.

NOTE: The following are NOT acceptable forms of income verification for the scholarship program and will not be considered:

  • Bank statements
  • Food stamp income
  • Single paycheck stub (must provide at least two) • Personal letters

To complete a financial aid application, click here.

Questions on this form? Please send a message to “Financial Aid Inquiry” using the Contact Form.