Flag Football

78 Youth Sports offers flag football for co-ed players ages 7 – 16.

Our Flag Football Program is divided into two programs:

  • Flag Football Fundamentals (ages 7 – 8). Learning the game.
  • Flag Football Recreational League (ages 9 – 16). Playing games.

Fall Season:
7-8 games. September – November

Key Dates:

  • Registration (May – August)
  • Player Evaulations (August – early September, 9 years old + only)
  • Team Drafts, Uniform Dissemination, Schedule Posting (early September)
  • First Games (usually second weekend of September)
  • One Game Per Week (September – November)
  • Division Championship Games (mid-November)
  • Season ends (before Thanksgiving)

Flag Football Fundamentals (ages 7 – 8)

Sign-up, learn and have fun!

  • Taught by our instructors, this is a high-energy, super interactive 50-minute session teaching passing, receiving, flag-pulling and running patterns. 
  • The ‘season’ culminates in modified, age appropriate game play. 

Flag Football (ages 9 – 16)

Sign-up, show your stuff and get drafted!

  • All players must go through a mandatory evaluation. It’s 15 minutes of catching, running and throwing.
  • These evaluations help us create teams that are balanced so our games are fun for all.


Division NameAge (as of September 15)

Play On Turf Fields.

Our Safety-First Dress Code.

  • NFL Team Jersey and flag belt (provided by coaches).
  • Plain shorts/sweat pants.  No pockets or belt loops = no ripped garments due to flag pulling.
  • Mouth guards are mandatory to play. 
  • Turf shoes or rubber cleats are recommended.  Absolutely no metal cleats. 

78 Youth Sports Flag Football Past Champions