Winter Basketball Player Evaluations

To balance teams, we evaluate all players before the start of the season and build teams through a draft. All players, including the coach’s children and those on the waitlist, MUST be evaluated. For those on a waitlist, participation in our basketball evaluation does not guarantee placement on a team.

Upon arrival, players will need to check in, where they will be assigned a number, and their height and weight will be measured. Following this, players will proceed into the gym, where they will scrimmage with peers from their division to simulate team play.



Pony Division (ages 7-8): Sunday 11/20, 12/4

9:00 a.m. for last names A-L

10:00 a.m. for last names M-Z

Sophomore Division (ages 11-12): Sunday 11/20, 12/4

11:30 a.m. for last names A-L

12:30 p.m. for last names M-Z

Freshmen Division (ages 9-10): Sunday 11/20, 12/4

2:00 p.m. for last names A-L

4:00 p.m. for last names M-Z​

Junior Division (ages 13-14): Sunday 11/20, 12/4

4:30 p.m. for last names A-L

6:30 p.m. for last names M-Z

If your child cannot attend the session for your last name, please come to the other session for the division. If your child cannot participate in their division’s evaluation, your child will be placed on a team but could be moved to another team during the season. Refunds will not be issued should a player not evaluated be moved during the season.

Players participating in our evaluations should wear sneakers and shorts or pants without pockets or belt loops. No jewelry should be worn during the player’s participation. Additionally, ask that players not bring basketballs as they will not be allowed in the gym.